Battlecraft 1942 Map Editor v2.1

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    Battlecraft 1942 Map Editor v2.1 Empty Battlecraft 1942 Map Editor v2.1

    Post  [SoA] Wicked Arsonist on Thu Dec 30, 2010 1:09 pm

    Whats New in v2.1

    Added Invasion of the Philippines support
    Added Liberation of Caen support
    Improved in-game map water generation. Can now specify water color to use by way of the water properties dialog
    Changed water height change to flag map changed for save
    Improved Camera On Terrain movement
    Startup now auto loads the bf1942 mod cfg if it exists
    Improved camera movement code
    Optimized Snap Objects To Ground code
    Added fog rendering and option in Editor Options dialog
    Added registry support for chosen texture set
    Added support for teamOnVehicle for object spawns to create spawnpoint vehicles
    Fixed some problems with Merging Light Maps
    Changed grassy green detail texture in default texture set to a grayscale Omaha texture
    Changed the maplist.con writing on "Test This Level" to work with BF1942 1.6
    Fix registry keys from not reading sometimes
    Added "(None)" to object spawns for only creating spawns for certain teams
    Added random Vegetation placement tool
    Made red strike-out on mini map generator darkerFixed bug with deleting objects not giving back objects used count
    Added option to render/not render water in BC for easier terrain editing under water
    Added Progress Bar to status bar for generation functions
    Changed Add File To Archive to be multi select
    Added support for onlyTakableByTeam on control points
    Added check to block numbers in level file names. This will prevent many user errors
    Added better cursor-over selection on object spawns
    Changed CON File Editor to Archive File Editor and added command to remove files from the level archive
    Added ability to edit many selected objects by hitting the ENTER key
    Added new Function menu to application menu and sorted out commands
    Added function command to set the spawn camera position instead of setting it every time you save
    Added dialog to In-Game map generator
    Added ability to customize In-Game map icons
    Added validation of game.addModPath in the BF1942 init.con file for shadow generation to work on MODs
    Changed selection of Static objects and Object spawns to be from any category specified in the .lst
    Added code to change modPath on new CFG creationAdded code to copy the palette file over to the shadowwork directory during merge
    Added an effects category to the .lst file
    Added option in Functions menu to revert terrain shadows from surface maps


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