BGA: Battlefield 1942 Game Archive Tool

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    BGA: Battlefield 1942 Game Archive Tool

    Post  [SoA] Wicked Arsonist on Sun Oct 31, 2010 12:15 am

    BGA is a set of tools to help modders of Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam manipulating their files.
    These tools are commonly used to extract/import data from/into rfa (battlefield archive file), quickly searching for a file in an archive, previewing common files like images, scripts, models, heightmaps.
    Warning: RFA manipulation code is still beta, you should make a copy of your archives before saving

    Feature list
    Param read support (allow opening directly a RFA archive from the shell)
    Recent opened/saved file list
    Real compression support
    Import any files into RFA archive
    Import and compress any files into RFA archive
    Export any files from RFA archive
    Export and decompress any files from RFA archive
    Direct edit of any files without having to extract them manually
    Batch import/export
    Drag&drop support
    Quick save operation even with compressed data
    Defrag operation (due to quick save)
    Search bar to easily find a file/folder
    Built-in Standardmesh (.sm) model preview
    Built-in Heightmap (.raw) + Terrain (.con) preview

    Official BGA Site

    Click here for program updates. For more info, check this topic.

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