Submitting a video to the [SoA] Youtube Channel

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    Submitting a video to the [SoA] Youtube Channel

    Post  [SoA] Wicked Arsonist on Sun Nov 14, 2010 12:00 am

    [SoA] members: please provide the following information when submitting a video to our YouTube Channel:

    1) Title of your movie
    2) Game in which it was recorded
    3) Length
    4) Type of production (machinima, frag highlights movie*, tournament highlights movie, mod trailer or promo)
    5) Size
    6) Dimensions
    7) Movie editor used
    8) Additional programs used
    9) Music used in the video
    10) Short description/summary of your movie
    11) Preview pictures (optional)

    *Please note that public frags will not be tolerated in frag highlights movies. Only exceptional frags (such as long sniper no-scopes or long knife throws) on public servers will be accepted. For more information on that matter, please PM me.

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